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Christine Allen, a North Oaks resident and founder of Northern Stars Home Care, found her way to the neighborhood through family. 

In 1975, Raymond Allen, Christine's father-in-law, accepted a new position in Shoreview that moved his wife, Virginia, and son Scott (Christine's husband) from Chicago to North Oaks. Because North Oaks was so unique, Ray knew he was going to make it his family's new home. Ray and Virginia loved the peacefulness of this new place and the kindness the neighbors shared. 

Scott and Christine bought their own North Oaks home in August of 1998. "I love walking around the lake or running around the neighborhood. I find it relaxing," comment Christine. "I love to start at the lake and go down to the golf course when the seasons are changing." The Allens were married at the North Oaks Golf Club when it was the old clubhouse in 1984. Now they have two grown kids together: Ashley (31 years old) and Laura (28 years old). 

​Christine's parents, Ronald and Alice Snyder, moved to the Pines development of North Oaks in 2004. She and her parents used to walk the paths around Pleasant Lake each afternoon. Christine remembers, "We loved to watch for the Bald Eagles, and on one afternoon, there were two bald eagles perched on a branch looking at us. I will never forget that, and I think of it often as I remember my mom." Christine's mother has since passed away, but her father stills walks with her every afternoon at Pleasant Lake if they are both available. 

​Caring for others comes naturally to Christine, who has experienced many family illnesses. She helped care for her grandma from a young age, her mom until she passes away, and cared for her father-in-law by house cleaning, running errands, going on outings, and taking him to medical appointments. She recalls, "It was a life changing experience." 

​Christine, who is a Metropolitan State University graduate, has many years of professional experience caring for people as well. Recently, she created her own business called Norther Stars Home Care because she says, "I felt like there were not a lot of resources out there that explained how to maneuver through a family illness. I believe education of these services is huge. Generally, there's not a lot that you're aware of in these situations, and social workers are busy. We let our clients know what's out there." Northern Stars Home Care has a nurse on staff and takes in clients from companion care up to hospice care. "I am a caring and compassionate person, and I put my whole heart into everything." I want people to have opportunities, and I don't refer anyone anywhere until I go there myself," says Christine. "I want to be as involved as they want me to be. I am there to guide them and help them with the next steps." 

Northern Stars Home Care is unique simply because of the relationships. Christine says "It's me they get; I answer the phone. I hear their story. It's all me. It's all about the journey." Seniors tend to do better at home. "We can be there and bridge that gap to stay there for as long as they want," comments Christine. 

Christine continies to network in North Oaks, as she has received many compliments on her work within this community. Some clients of Christine's weigh in on her professional health care. 

"Over the past several years, we were blessed to have Chris Allen help us through a number of health-related episodes with our parents. As we look back, it appears that Dad and Mom showed each other great respect by taking turns when it came to their health issues. I simply don't know how we would have gotten through it without Chris' guidance and expertise! As promised, Chris was always available to us, anytime day or night. Her caregiving personality, coupled with impeccable organizational skills and commitment to follow up, was outstanding. Be assured her number is the first one we will be calling if and when home health becomes necessary again. We have referred to her many others and will continue to do so; she is that good in her profession." - Barb

"Our family has been blessed by Chris Allen and her business, Northern Stars Home Care! My mother and our family have appreciated how Chris and her team are available and prepared to meet our needs whenever they arise. When dealing with issues of aging and alzheimer's, Chris has expertise and understanding that has brought comfort and reassurance when difficult scenarios are presented. We have found first hand that working with Chris and home health care has been more personal approach that is meeting the needs of our mother. I would offer a recommendation to Chris and her service to anyone interested!"  Melanie H., North Oaks Resident

If you or a loved one are in needs of home care, please contact Christine for further information at 651-528-6649 or 

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